Boho vibes with Miss Pap

Miss Pap Emma Shorts | Miss Pap Camilla Top | H&M Boots | Rings from Brighton Lanes

Hey guys, I'm back with another outfit post. I was sent these gorgeous pieces from Miss Pap, I thought they would go together really nicely and give off some mega boho vibes. You could totally pair this outfit up with tights and a leather jacket for the autumn weather that is creeping up on us. I'm so in love with the sleeves on this top, so floaty and pretty. Again I added my beloved H&M boots...they go with everyone okay? P.S. you can get 10% off Miss Pap with my code "LOIS10"

Ripped Jeans and Comfy Tee

Hey ya'll. I'm back with a super simple and comfy outfit for you. These Zara tee's are seriously cosy and comfy and I usually double them up as PJ tops. Sorry in advance because I have been wearing these boots so so much and they will definitely be on the blog LOTS in new outfit posts! 

Gelato Gusto Brighton

So much candy coloured goodness, I'm a real sucker for pinks and purples. Today's post is dedicated to the best place for gelato/ice cream in Brighton. I've become a real food snob lately and ice cream just doesn't cut it for me anymore, it's got to be gelato. And anyone that knows me personally will of heard me say that at least once already. "What's the difference?" they say...I actually Googled it. There is actually an explanation over on the Gelato Gusto website if you're interested. Basically it's just waaaay better. Trust. Food snob/gelato vs ice cream rant over.
Gelato Gusto serves up some amazing flavours, with new one's added each week. The place itself is really cute and nice to sit inside or outside if the sun actually decides to come out for once! I went with my mum and grandparents who also loved it. I went for a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of cookies and cream. The other flavours pictured were vanilla, salted caramel, wild cherry and lemon sorbet. My recommendation would be the dark Ecuadorian chocolate though - it's AMAZING. I would of gone for it this time but they had sadly run out. Will someone please just take me Italy so I can eat even more gelato!?

A-Line 'Suede' Skirts

My first style post, how exciting! Excuse the plugs and my funny coloured carpet but ya gotta work with whatcha got ya know?
I recently bought two different faux suede a-line skirts. The black zip up front skirt is from New Look and was such a bargin at £12.99 and it feels really good quality for the price. I paired it with this white crop top from H&M and these gorg H&M boots I got recently. Super simple.
The second skirt is from Primark, at £10 I couldn't say no and I was really wanting to try out the full on tan suede trend. I never really spend much money on trend pieces that I may not wear very often so this was perfect for me. I love the button down detail and the little pockets. I paired it with the same H&M crop top as before but in black. I felt that this was the perfect outfit to pair with my big chunky 70's style heels from in love with them. The sunnies are also from ASOS, I've been lusting after some round Ray-Ban's but I thought these £12 ones would do the job for now!

New In ASOS Sunnies

A whole post about a pair of sunglasses!? Yes indeed. I want to do a "new in" feature on here of just one or two items that I've picked up that I feel deserves it's own post. I may still feature them over on my YouTube channel in hauls for those that might not read my blog but I thought it would be a nice little feature.
I've been totally lusting after the round Ray-Ban's that everyone has at the moment but in all honesty I can't really afford them for the time being, plus summer is coming to an end. So I bought myself these £12 jobies from ASOS which I feel still gives the same sort of look as the Ray-Ban's but about £100 cheaper! Don't get me wrong I still want to get the real deal eventually but I really love this pair. I love ASOS sunglasses (and ASOS in general), plus I have ASOS premier which means they came the very next day free postage. A big thumbs up for me.


Hello lovely people! I wanted to write this post to introduce you all to my new blog - yes it's official I bought my first URL and I'm super excited about that in a bit of a nerdy way.
Some of you may know me from my YouTube channel 'Lois Lillian'...if not go check it out. Some of you might of been readers of my old blog but if you're new here then hey how ya doing?
I love doing my YouTube channel and I've been wanting to get back into blogging for a while now so I thought I'd take my time about it, write down lots of notes and give it a good go! My blog will still be mainly fashion and style based but with some added lifestyle stuff. So expect lots of food porn pictures from all my fave restaurants...I'm a bit of a foodie.
For the schedule I'm going to post once a week most likely on a Sunday and then I will also do the occasional post during the week, a bit like my schedule on my YouTube channel.
Anyway I hope you guys enjoy the all new and improved blog and you're looking forward to new posts coming soon.

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